Linda Baumgartner
Linda BaumgartnerWirtschaftspsychologin


20 years of experience in an internatonal consulting company as project manager, R & D manager and business coach. 10 years of self-employment as a business psychologist and reflection specialist.

Clarity, sensitivity to what is heard, grasping connections, sensitive analysis, presence and acceptance of the present as well as appreciative communication with the customers


With perseverance, curiosity and the power of inner images, I support people to perceive their own strengths and implement them in a coherent way. It is essential for me to strengthen self-responsibility. It is only when people recognize the motives they are acting that they can take a clear view forward – for themselves and the company.

  • Career Reflecion – Career Coaching – Potential Development

  • Leadership Reflection – Leadership Maturity – Executive Coaching

  • Management & Development Check


Go beyond the edge of development

„When we only strive for the perfect perception of ourselves, essentials escapes us. Above all being human and the possibility to develop us. We have to discover and try again and again to develop our uniqueness beyond an ideal. “