Presence and reflection instead of optimization!

Why is it so hard for us to find our “profession”, a profession in which we are at home, who fulfills us and with whom we can fulfill the world and shaping actively? How can we combine our profession, our job, with what is important to us and find ways to express this through our profession?

The possibilities offered by how people can work in organizations are now far from the individually desired realities. The ideas that organizations provide, what you could become, do not match the diversity people have to offer. But above all, the power screw is still turning. When companies no longer provide guidance and work with a loss of sense, money and security maintain the appearance of abundance. But if this is only to be achieved with more and more achievement, and also not for all? Unemployment is rising, with growing economic growth pressure!

When we focus on a performance-related career, the quality of the decision-making process is already determined by it. How far are we aware of this type of career choice? What is our focus on? On salary, reputation, security, power and influence, knowledge, design possibilities? Do we have access to our source that leads to a fulfilling profession or are we guided by external and past expectations that are not our own? Only if we remain present in our professional path as much as possible, with ourselves and in the here and now, we can adequately perceive and understand our professional desires and careers.

The optimization of processes and systems has not stopped us. Efficiency has become a promising asset. But which direction do we optimize? If we only acquire more and more knowledge and competences, we do not develop further. In the long term, we can only be efficient if we can orient ourselves, have an insight into our environment in which we are embedded and remain in contact with ourselves and our potential. On the individual level, self-reflection is necessary, in which our everyday activity and thinking take a step backwards and we enter into a deeper effect and resonate with our environment, our profession and ourselves.

And what kind of patterns do the professional world, our career choice and thus also the further career path shape? Most people are still thinking up and down. Those who have power and those who have none. Workers, employees, management. At the organizational level, new forms of cooperation are required so that people and companies can develop suitable career and career paths and perceive their own contribution to the whole.

More and more people are recognizing the need for a new leadership and cooperation culture, but still too few have the courage to go that way.

Let us make the world bigger in ourselves and around us.

by Linda Baumgartner